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to your jurassic getaway

Upcott Lodge

Perched on a hill overlooking the ocean of the Jurassic Cost, Upcott Lodge is something of true Victorian Beauty.


Constructed in 1897, Upcott has maintained original exterior and some interioe features. Having been through a whole century and then more, it looks as if it were placed in Old Beer just yesterday.


Other than the majestic appearance, you will notice from the moment you step out of your car that we are in a location of sheer perfection. Ocean view which stretch as far as you can see, nature at your finger tips and a room that will make you feel like you are home.


Here at Upcott, the world really is your oyster, with so much to do, so much to see and not enough time to do it in, you will be planning your next stay by the time you've left. We guarantee it.


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Find out about all that we have to offer at Upcott Lodge using the links above. We have 6 premium luxury suites, locally sourced breakfast and grounds that can facilitate any occupancy.


Here at Upcott Lodge we want you to feel like you at a home away from home,

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