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Upcott Lodge

General W. Evans, a wealthy Portland Harbour Naval Officer had Upcott House built for him in the late 1800’s which was approved by the council due to his efforts in the Navy and his admiration for the Jurassic Coast of England. This admiration sprouted after the first Ichthyosaur skeleton was found by Mary Anning in the Spittles, Lyme Regis in the mid 1800’s, the very same skeleton can be found in London’s Natural History Museum today.


Under Upcott Lodge is a wine cellar, built for purpose it would contain wines from globally renound locations and even the Seaton vineyards themselves.

The lodge, which is located at the rear of Upcott was initially constructed following the first world war. The more up to date architecture gives the property an element of real British history.


Upcott Lodge, built in a prime waterfront location, has become what most believe to be a glimmer of Seaton history which has been left behind, its exterior architectural design is a window to the past. The coastal views stretch to the horizon, met with chalky white cliffs which lead up to Seaton Hole are ones you will never forget.


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